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You have selected The ASHEVILLE SMALL COTTAGE: 94341

You have selected The ASHEVILLE SMALL COTTAGE: 94341

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Stories: 1
Total Square Footage: 1,040
First Floor: 1,040
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 2
Width: 40 ft.
Depth: 32 ft.
Basement, Crawl Space, ICF - Basement (Insul. Conc. Forms), Slab Foundation, Walk-out Basement
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Available Plan Packages

Plan Packages: Each set of construction documents includes detailed, dimensioned floor plans, basic electric layouts, structural information, cross sections, roof plans, cabinet layouts and elevations, as well as general specifications. They contain virtually all of the information required to construct your home.

$595.00   PDF BID SET
PDF BID SET: This electronic version of the construction blueprints is the ideal choice for pricing the home and obtaining reliable bids. It will be red-stamped "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" but can be upgraded to a full construction PDF or blueprints within 60 days. It can be e-mailed the same day you purchase. An online license will be completed during the checkout process.

$870.00   PDF Construction Set - Single Use
YOUR BEST VALUE FOR CONSTRUCTION PURPOSES. Provides an electronic version of the construction blueprints for the construction of a single home. You can print 8 1/2 x 11 copies on your own computer or go to a copy shop and print as many copies as you need, whether full size 24 x 36 copies - or any size - for field use. The PDF file is also readily modified if you are making changes. The PDF File can be e-mailed the same day. Completion of an online license indicating location of the house will be done during checkout.

$980.00   Five Set Package
The four set package is the minimum needed for construction of a single home. This package may require you to be extremely careful on your distribution of plans to lenders, builders or subcontractors. Plans may not be reproduced locally.

$1,055.00   Eight Set Package
If you prefer hard copies rather than a PDF, an eight set package is the recommended choice for the construction of a single home. There is usually enough sets to hand out to the various trades, lenders, building officials, and yourself.

$1,065.00   Reproducible Vellum Set
Although most changes can be made directly on the blueprints by "red-lining", if the proposed changes are significant, i.e.large additions, structural changes, major roofline or facade changes, this set may be used to make changes via a local professional, or your builder. Although the PDF Construction Set can accomplish the same purpose, some may prefer to make changes by hand drawing, which the Reproducible is suited for. After changes are made you may print up to 10 sets, for the construction of one home only. An online license will be completed during checkout.

$1,695.00   CAD FILE - single use
Electronic drawings, known as CAD files are handy where changes are required and a professional familiar with CAD is available to help make the changes. A license agreement indicating legal location of lot, signed by purchaser and Design Professional is required prior to purchase (not required for International orders).
Plan Foundations

$0.00Crawl Space
Included in your plan package.

$0.00Slab Foundation
Included in package


$150.00ICF - Basement (Insul. Conc. Forms)
Available with order for a Reproducible only. (Check Reproducible above). This is a full reproducible set with extensive information intended to build the entire home (not just the foundation) with ICF walls. These can also be used to construct the home with standard concrete block walls.

$175.00Walk-out Basement
Plan Options

$50.00Additional Set
Although 8 sets should be ample for most construction needs, you may need more, especially if you will be doing much bidding. Since plans may not be photocopied, you can order these from us, either with your initial order or within 90 days of your initial purchase.

$150.002 x 6 Exterior Wall Option
2 x 6 exterior wall option

$95.00Material List (if available)
This material list will serve as an aid in estimating costs and might save some time for your suppliers or tradesmen. Please note, however, that a material list is not sold without a simultaneous or prior purchase of construction blueprints.

$250.00Multiple Use License (For more than one home)
Payment of this fee is required for the copyright release to build more than one home from the plan package purchased. The fee is a one time $250 charge and allows a builder to build multiple copies of the home. The license is not transferable.

$350.00Full Reverse Plans (If available)
Full reverse plans are redrawn with all the plans and elevations fully reversed with all the text and lettering reading correct, rather than mirrored.

$150.00High Wind Structural Drawings
This addendum of 3 additional drawings provides the details necessary to construct our plans in wind zones of 90mph to 120mph meeting the IRC Code. Details are also provided for satisfying flood-proofing requirements as may be required. If building in wind zones of 130mph or greater or in seismic zones local engineering is required.

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